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Application Development

It is a process that we have completed successfully time after time. The leading decision maker has an idea for an application. Whether this person works for a Fortune 500 company or a small business, the goal is the same: to create software that will help the business run more efficiently or track data they wish to access. Regardless of the size of business, the process we follow is the same for either condition.


In the planning phase, we document starting requirements before we begin the project.  We then use a visual presentation to help the client understand concepts and ideas. The system is then broken down into chunks of logic or phases that can be delivered in 30-day intervals..


Following the initial meeting(s), a rough overview of the application will be created along with a detailed design that includes full descriptions and page mock-ups. An estimate for the project along with a more detailed estimate for the phase will be presented. Additional meetings may be required until the business user and the development team are satisfied with the design.


Once the design is nailed down, development will start. Using the phased approach, most development is done in 30 day or less iterations. To enable the business to assure that the project is staying on target, previews of the development can be deployed at any point.


Technical leads will continually conduct reviews of the application under development to assure that standards and processes are being followed.


Testing will be conducted by other members of the team to make sure that all of the requirements are met. Unit testing can also be created to enable faster, repetitive testing and allow for easier recursive testing in later phases and versions. Once it passes our testing, it will go through a User Acceptance Testing period where it is tested by the business users.


This is very straight-forward. Once the tests pass, the system is deployed and ready for use in production.


At the end of every phase, the product's current state will be evaluated and the development process will start over. At the end of the project, the entire process will be reviewed and lessons learned will be documented to make the process better for the next project.

Custom Software Solutions

What we do

We have a unique blend of technical and business skills that allow us to take a project from idea through design and development to delivery. By continuing a dialogue throughout the development process and then deploying updates/features in small phases, we assure complete client satisfaction. Most importantly, we deliver projects on time, on budget and on target.

With deep expertise in both strategy and technology, our team will help produce the highest return from your current and future software investments. Our developers integrate the latest Microsoft ® technologies into our solutions, be it typical computer or web-based applications.  ​Our veteran engineers and developers are trained to identify your business requirements, and to help you develop a technology roadmap, prior to developing any software.  Our counsel and expertise helps your business invest wisely with a solution fitted to your current and future business needs.​