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TGB Software's off-site backup process will upload the most recent backup of your database to our storage facility.  We will maintain a copy of each data file that is backed up, for one year.  The process, if installed onto your primary workstation, will upload the backup data files each time that your software is started.  The process runs as a background service, so you never have to remember to start the process, nor will your normal work be interrupted while the process is running.   

The cost for this exciting new service, and the peace of mind that you will always have several good backup's of your database, is only $60 per year, billed annually.our paragraph here.

If you are interested in finding out more about this new service, please contact aTGB Software support representative

Off-Site Backup Solution

TGB Software is proud to announce an important new service offering!  Our new service will automatically backup your software's database to our off-site storage facility.   Having a backup of your database is more important than having a backup of your software.

10 Great Quotes about backup and recovery

In case of a disaster such as; a computer crash, a virus, a bad drive, etc., a good data backup is crucial.  Software can always be reinstalled.  Data, however, can only be recovered from a valid backup or by manually recreating your work.